Ortivus is awarded a contract for defibrillators to Region Jönköping County’s hospital care

Ortivus has been awarded a contract for the delivery of semi-automatic defibrillators to Region Jönköping County's hospital operations. The order value is estimated to 1.7 MSEK and the contract duration is 2 years with a possible extension for 1 + 1 years.

On December 10, 2020, Ortivus was awarded a contract for the delivery of equipment to Region Jönköping County's ambulance service. The region has now chosen to expand the collaboration by awarding Ortivus contract for semi-automatic defibrillators to their hospital operations. The contract applies to 100 units of the model Reanibex 100 (R100), which was launched in the spring of 2021 and is thus the latest model on the market.

The R100 is a part of Ortivus' MobiMed Life, which includes several external defibrillators from Bexen Cardio, for which Ortivus has exclusive distribution rights in the Nordic countries, the UK and Ireland.

“We are very pleased with this award, which is strategically important for Ortivus. The fact that Region Jönköping is once again choosing Ortivus means that our solutions are competitive and that our offering is in line with the customer demands” says Elias Obaid, Ortivus' sales manager.

This award decision does not mean that a contract has been signed and that contractual obligations applies. The contract can be signed after the contract lock has expired. The contract can earliest be signed within 10 days after the award decision has been announced.