Paramedics control vehicles using MobiMed FleetCtrr

Saving vital seconds

Rescue services

Ortivus provide Automatic External Defibrillators for resuscitation purposes, along with solutions to efficiently manage vehicle fleets.

Ortivus provides comprehensive fleet management solutions for rescue services. With features including daily checks, fuel logs, and communication tools, MobiMed FleetCtrl streamlines operations for emergency personnel.

Picture of the application MobiMed FleetCtrl that can be used by the rescue service to get full control over their veichle Fleet
Close-up of MobiMed FleetCtrl, which helps you take control of the vehicle fleet

MobiMed FleetCtrl

Regular controls, check lists and documentation tools for streamlined fleet management

MobiMed Life är vår serie hjärtstartare som passar allt från privatpersoner till avancerade operationer på sjukhus

MobiMed Life

Heart safe solutions with stand alone defibrillators.

International presence

Together with our partners and local distributors can we streamline the ambulance services on a global level.

Map over active users and Ortivus users with text and high res
MobiMed monitor operated by paramedic next to patient

Ambulance service

Read more about what we do for the ambulance

Primary care with Ortivus where nurse is making home visits and using MobiMed monitor
Ortivus MobiMed digital record system

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