MobiMed with video call to the hospital from the patient house

Enabling remote care

Out-of-hospital care will become increasingly significant in the coming years and could serve as a solution to address critical healthcare challenges. Providing advanced care in the comfort of patients’ homes has not only demonstrated increased efficiency and resource savings but also has the potential to improve treatment outcomes with personalized care.

MobiMed enables advanced remote care by facilitating real-time sharing of vital signs and offering video conferencing solutions to consult medical experts from a distance.

Primary care where Ortivus is leading

Saved resources and improved treatment outcome

With the assistance of MobiMed, advanced examinations can be conducted in a patient’s home environment. Vital signs and ECG readings are transmitted in real-time to medical experts who can remotely assess the data. Through a video conferencing solution, medical doctors can communicate with patients from a distance, and medications can be prescribed in real time. Patient data seamlessly integrates into the hospital’s medical record system.

MobiMed monitor at elderlys home with a nurse
MobiMed monitor at Gotland

MobiMed Monitor

Real time monitoring and sharing of vital signs and ECG.

MobiMed Life är vår serie hjärtstartare som passar allt från privatpersoner till avancerade operationer på sjukhus

MobiMed Life

Heart safe solutions with stand alone defibrillators.

enroute navigation system installed in a car at the rescue service helping showing the way

MobiMed enRoute

Navigation, case management and mass casualty management.

Close-up of MobiMed FleetCtrl, which helps you take control of the vehicle fleet

MobiMed FleetCtrl

Regular controls, check lists and documentation tools for streamlined fleet management

International presence

Together with our partners and local distributors can we streamline the ambulance services on a global level.

Map over active users and Ortivus users with text and high res
Ambulance with MobiMed saving vital second

Ambulance service

Read more about what we do for the ambulance

MobiMed FleetCtrl helps gain control of vehicles
Ortivus MobiMed digital record system

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