Close-up of MobiMed FleetCtrl, which helps you take control of the vehicle fleet

Saving vital seconds


Regular controls, checklists, and documentation tailored for seamless fleet management.

MobiMed FleetCtrl is a software application tailored for personnel across diverse emergency services. It provides comprehensive functionality for effortless fleet management. From monitoring fuel levels to tracking inspection dates and ensuring proper packing of medication bags, MobiMed FleetCtrl facilitates documentation and enhances communication. Additionally, the system triggers alarms and notifications to prompt action when something is missing or required.

Product MobiMed FleetCtrl from Ortivus
With MobiMed FleetCtrl you have full control over the vehicle fleet. Both in you phone, as showed in the picture
With MobiMed FleetCtrl you have a checklist over your vehicle so you can have control over checks, tire change and other things
MobiMed FleetCtrl gives you important information directly in the app
Our product MobiMed FleetCtrl is designed for every market using a vehicle
Streamline the workflow


Developed by experienced professionals in prehospital care, MobiMed FleetCtrl is meticulously tailored to ensure the readiness and safety of the entire ambulance fleet. The application is user-friendly, streamlining employees’ daily routines with smart features, regular automated checks, and enhanced communication capabilities.


The app functions seamlessly on all mobile phones, irrespective of the operating system. Moreover, the system undergoes continuous updates to incorporate the latest changes.


The backend serves as the central control panel for managing the entire MobiMed FleetCtrl system. Changes and adjustments made in the app are effortlessly implemented in the backend system, ensuring instant updates for users.

CloseUp on MobiMed FleetCtrl that is a software application created for various types of blue light operations
CloseUp on MobiMed FleetCtrl that is a software application created for various types of blue light operations

With daily, weekly, and monthly controls, MobiMed FleetCtrl helps ensure that the entire vehicle fleet is operating efficiently.

MobiMed FleetCtrl for the ambulance service

Features such as logs, chat, and direct call contact lists simplify communication, ensuring that no important information is lost.

Paramedics control vehicles using MobiMed FleetCtrr

MobiMed FleetCtrl helps in maintaining oversight of the medication bag, ensuring its proper packing, and tracking medication usage

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When I was new as a paramedic,
it felt safe to know that everything I needed was in the app

Helena Olsson
Paramedic, Region Jämtland Härjedalen
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