Ambulance personnel performed heart pulmonary resuscitation on a person who collapsed

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Ortivus serves customers in various locations worldwide. With our unique, customisable, and scalable product portfolio, we optimise organisations ranging from small local operators to large national fleets. In Sweden, one of Ortivus’ main markets, 16 out of 21 regions use MobiMed in their daily operations.

Our UK subsidiary, established in 1998, has managed clinical data communication for 850.000 ambulances and mobile care units since 2014. These data are stored in our electronic patient record system, which currently handles over approximately 10 million patient records integrated to the UK’s national patient registry.

Since 2022, MobiMed ePR has been utilised by Singapore’s national healthcare system for emergency and mobile healthcare, serving 103 ambulances and emergency vehicles.

Full ambulance fleet posing for a group photo in this picture
Ortivus MobiMed digital record system

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