Ambulance personal holding MobiMed monitor looking at a patient's vital signs

Saving vital seconds


Real time monitoring and sharing of vital
signs and ECG

MobiMed Monitor offers robust technology for measuring vital signs and ECG. The system is flexible and easily adaptable to specific needs during treatment and transportation. Its modularity allows paramedics to bring only necessary equipment to the patient, minimizing heavy lifting. Weighing just 4.5kg in total, MobiMed Monitor is optimized for ergonomics.

MobiMed vid patient utomhus på marken där olycka skett med ambulanspersonal på plats som mäter vitala värden
MobiMed Monitor have a Two-way communication and 
real-time sharing of vital parameters that helps saving vital seconds

MobiMed Monitor is a Unique diagnostic ECG quality for prehospital care and primary care that this icon represents
Mobbed monitor is a proven monitor with a total weight of only 4.5 kg that this icon represents
MobiMed Monitor is a Modular and flexible product perfect designed for ambulance paramedics
Advanced remote patient monitoring

Real time sharing of vital signs

With MobiMed Monitor, all stakeholders in the prehospital care chain gain access to updated patient data in real-time. This facilitates a streamlined workflow, enhancing efficacy and patient safety by enabling the opportunity to immediately direct a patient to the correct care level and to prepare in advance.

Interoperability for connected care

MobiMed Monitor, part of the MobiMed Unity suite, ensures seamless data flow in prehospital care. Integrated with other healthcare systems, it enhances interoperability for more efficient and safe healthcare.

Picture of MobiMed together with the product bag from Sacci and the tablet from Panasonic creating a perfect product for the ambulance service format 1400x933
MobiMed bag from Sacci with Monitor

With MobiMed Monitor you can measure vital signs such as SpO2, NIBP, IBP, EtCO2, temperature, and respiration as well as and a unique diagnostic ECG.

MobiMed Monitor visar vitala värden som kan liveskickas till läkare

MobiMed’s ECG history import feature enhances diagnostic accuracy and patient safety by facilitating easy comparison with ongoing analysis.

ambulanceforce using MobiMed monitor when there is an emergency

MobiMed Monitor provides advanced diagnostic ECG comparable to ICU technology. Its chat and video functions enable remote consultations with medical experts.

Icon quote in the color white

The key benefit is when you send an ECG and people at the hospital can view it in real time.  During our fly time the can make a decision where we should go

Fredrik Andersson
The Air Ambulance, Region Norrbotten
Electronic patient record for the ambulance

MobiMed ePR

Electronic patient record for efficient, intuitive documentation and smart decision support.

enroute navigation system installed in a car at the rescue service helping showing the way

MobiMed enRoute

Navigation, case management and mass casualty management.

Close-up of MobiMed FleetCtrl, which helps you take control of the vehicle fleet

MobiMed FleetCtrl

Regular controls, check lists and documentation tools for streamlined fleet management.

MobiMed life placed on bridge to use in case of emergency.

MobiMed Life

Heart safe solutions with stand alone defibrillators.

Ortivus MobiMed digital record system

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