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Ortivus specializes in developing and commercializing MobiMed, e-health, and medical technology solutions aimed at enhancing healthcare safety and efficiency. Established in 1985, the company has evolved into a leading provider of mobile digital solutions for prehospital care on an international level. Ortivus’ innovations stem from profound expertise in cardiology and years of collaborative development with users and clients. Headquartered in Danderyd, Stockholm, the company also maintains a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United Kingdom since 1998.

Ortivus’ Class A and Class B shares are listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm Small Cap list.

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The digitization of healthcare is becoming increasingly crucial to meet the future demands of the healthcare sector. Alongside the challenges posed by Covid-19, we are witnessing a surge in patient volumes coupled with limited financial resources. To ensure efficient and safe care delivery, we must embrace new working methods and technical innovations.

As part of this evolution, many ambulance services are transitioning to electronic patient records and adopting systems for real-time sharing of patient information throughout the prehospital care chain. Similarly, primary care is integrating solutions to remotely monitor and treat patients to a greater extent. Progress in the development of modern e-health solutions is underway and the segment is expected to accelerate in the years ahead.

Ortivus has in-house development and production of monitoring equipment and is well equipped to meet the requirements of modern, adaptable and reliable healthcare solutions. With Ortivus’ MobiMed, you can review a patients’ vital sign such as ECG, blood pressure and heart rate in real time and at a distance. MobiMed facilitates diagnosis through advanced decision support and the ability to consult an expert remotely via video call or chat. With MobiMed, workflows are optimized, enabling advanced care remotely with unparalleled communication and data-sharing capabilities. With its modularity, flexibility and advanced features, MobiMed is well adapted for the future of healthcare.

Ortivus is currently established in numerous countries and is strategically positioned to expand MobiMed into an even broader international market.

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Ortivus shares have been listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm Small Cap-list since January 2, 1997.

Stock SymbolISINShares OutstandingVotes/shareTotal Number of Votes
Class AORTI ASE00001889301,662,6821016,626,820
Class BORTI BSE000012308542,644,786 142,644,786

The share capital is SEK 15,507,614. Share capital is divided between class A and class B shares. The number of shares outstanding is 44,307,468 of which class A amount to 1,662,682 and class B to 42,644,786. Every class A share carries 10 votes and every class B share carries one vote.

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