MobiMed life placed on bridge to use in case of emergency.

Saving vital seconds


Heart safe solutions

MobiMed Life comprises a range of standalone defibrillators, including Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) designed for public access, as well as manual defibrillators for advanced resuscitation.

MobiMed ePR (electronic patient record) together with MobiMed Life defibrillator standing on the ground in Jersey
MobiMed Life is a Compact, robust and
intuitive defibrillator
MobiMed Monitor is a Unique diagnostic ECG quality for prehospital care and primary care that this icon of a heart with heartbeat represents
MobiMed Life defibrillator is with 360 Joule
MobiMed Monitor have a Two-way communication and real-time sharing of vital parameters that helps saving vital seconds. This icon of wifi-connection is representing that
When every second counts

Advanced resuscitation in prehospital care

Ortivus delivers modular, user-friendly, and ergonomic solutions with a focus on quality and patient safety. With a stand alone defibrillator, it is possible for paramedics to bring only the required equipment, minimizing heavy lifting. Ortivus offers a variety of defibrillator models as adaptable modules tailored to the organization’s requirements. Data captured by the defibrillator is seamlessly transmitted to MobiMed Monitor and ePR for comprehensive analysis.

defibrillator R500 crash cart for hospitals
defibrillator is prepared for use by a person

Clear voice instructions and guiding icons via display.

Real-time CPR assistance using metronome, compression velocity rendering and compression depth.

medical staff on way to emergency with defibrillator in hand

The defibrillator performs regular and automatic self-tests to ensure functionality and facilitate maintenance. It is also dust and water resistant developed according to IP55.

defibrillator placed at a lake

Voice messages, CPR settings, languages, defibrillation protocols, etc. can be customised via configuration tools.

MobiMed monitor at Gotland

MobiMed Monitor

Real time monitoring and sharing of vital signs and ECG.

Electronic patient record for the ambulance

MobiMed ePR

Electronic patient record for efficient, intuitive documentation and smart decision support.

enroute navigation system installed in a car at the rescue service helping showing the way

MobiMed enRoute

Navigation, case management and mass casualty management.

Close-up of MobiMed FleetCtrl, which helps you take control of the vehicle fleet

MobiMed FleetCtrl

Regular controls, check lists and documentation tools for streamlined fleet management.

Ortivus MobiMed digital record system

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