MobiMed ePR är ett digitalt journalsystem framtaget för att underlätta sjukvård

Saving vital seconds


Electronic patient record for efficient, intuitive documentation and integrated decision support.

MobiMed ePR includes a comprehensive electronic patient record system for documentation of treatment and events. The medical record follows structured workflows and can be completely adapted to customer needs. With an integrated decision support, access to patient history and treatment guidelines, MobiMed ePR increase efficacy and safety. Real-time data sharing and two-way communication streamline work processes saving valuable time in critical situations.

Paramedics use MobiMed monitor to see vital counts and send data to hospitals to be view
MobiMed Monitor have a Two-way communication and real-time sharing of vital parameters that helps saving vital seconds
Unmatched Interoperability

With ePR Connect based on HL7 FHIR, MobiMed can be integrated with all systems and share information across the entire care chain in real time.

This ensures that all responders in the care chain have access to real time patient information, crucially saving time, and being able to provide evidence based care to deliver the best outcomes. That patient history, decision support and vital parameters available remotely, enabling safer and more effective prehospital care.

MobiMed ePR closeup
Ortivus product MobiMed ePR, the electronic patient journal used in emergency

With advanced communication solutions, medical experts can be consulted remotely, facilitating accurate diagnosis and treatment, delivered more rapidly.

MobiMed ePR in the ambulance

MobiMed suggests relevant medication in accordance with the specified patient data and assessment. MobiMed supports distance prescribing of drugs and drug inventory.

MobiMed electronic patient record in the field

Thanks to MobiMed, large amounts of data can be collected and analysed. This can be used for monitoring care quality and optimising resources within the organisation.

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Speaking of EKG history, it can be beneficial to be able to go back and review the EKG afterwards in order to make an accurate diagnosis. I usually take the tablet into the hospital and show specific events.

Fredrik Andersson
The Air Ambulance, Region Norrbotten
MobiMed monitor at Gotland

MobiMed Monitor

Real time monitoring and sharing of vital signs and ECG.

enroute navigation system installed in a car at the rescue service helping showing the way

MobiMed enRoute

Navigation, case management and mass casualty management.

Close-up of MobiMed FleetCtrl, which helps you take control of the vehicle fleet

MobiMed FleetCtrl

Regular controls, check lists and documentation tools for streamlined fleet management.

MobiMed life placed on bridge to use in case of emergency.

MobiMed Life

Heart safe solutions with stand alone defibrillators.

Ortivus MobiMed digital record system

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