Ortivus communicates a growth target of 15% annually

Ortivus’ goal is to reach an organic growth of an average of 15% annually while maintaining profitability, to achieve at least 25 MSEK profit within 4 years. Ortivus aims to increase sales to existing customers, gain additional market shares and reach new geographical markets in the prehospital and primary care segment.

Ortivus has built a strong market position facilitating assessments, record keeping and data sharing in prehospital care. MobiMed is currently used by over 12,000 paramedics and in more than 2,700 emergency vehicles. MobiMed is today installed in 45% of Sweden's ambulances and in 25% of the ambulances in the UK. Ortivus also support Singapore's entire mobile emergency care, with approximately 1,300 MobiMed users. In primary care, that is a new segment for Ortivus, has a customised version of MobiMed been installed in several Swedish regions during 2021.
Ortivus has in-house sales and service organisations in the Nordics as well as in the UK. MobiMed are however, delivered to Italy and Singapore through our local partners. Ortivus has in the recent years developed a well-functioning strategic partnership model where the company, in collaboration with locally established partners, can access and grow into new geographical markets. Strategic partnerships have recently been established in Australia, New Zealand, and Eastern Europe. This strategy makes it possible to handle large customer installations remotely, enabling a cost-effective growth.
Ortivus’ offering consists of the MobiMed platform that can be divided into three different product groups:

  • MobiMed Monitor, that in real time measures, monitors and shares ECG and vital signs such as blood pressure and oxygenation,
  • MobiMed ePR, an electronic patient record for clinical documentation and advanced decision support, and
  • MobiMed Life, a portfolio of stand-alone defibrillators.

With a weight of only 3.5 kg, MobiMed is created for optimal ergonomics and a demanding work out in the field. Through two-way communication, it is possible to consult medical experts at a distance, while clinical documentation and patient data are seamlessly integrated into the hospital records. For three decades, Ortivus has supplied reliable equipment for prehospital and cardiac care. The company continues to develop innovative and user-friendly solutions in close collaboration with nurses and medical doctors.
Market Conditions
The fast development of communication technology and cloud-based services makes it possible for a secure and efficient management of digital patient data. The digitization of patient information, such as medical history, current medication, and allergies, is made possible through electronic record keeping. The transition from record keeping using paper and pen to electronic records with advanced decision support, facilitates assessments and improves treatment outcomes. The quality of care is thereby enhanced while the efficiency is increased as real time patient information can be shared between different connected systems. In parallel, new mobile medical technology solutions are being developed to be used remotely to facilitate a patient-centered care.
The care need increases at the same rate as the growing and aging population and there is a demand to move healthcare closer to the patient. This is made possible by rapid technological improvements. The European primary care market, including home care, is expected to grow by 8% annually over the next five years*. A lot of focus will be on developing remote care, for example through mobile care teams. The prehospital care will also have to focus more on out of hospital care and the European market for remote monitoring is expected to grow by 14% annually until 2027**. Public healthcare funds will be directed more towards a patient-centered care – supported by digital solutions.
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