Ortivus and Trapeze Group joins forces in a strategic partnership for the Australian and New Zealand market

Two leading e-health providers form a strategic partnership for Australia and New Zealand to deliver integrated solutions to prehospital care.

Ortivus is pleased to announce a partnership with Trapeze Emergency Services to deliver solutions that cover all aspects of patient care information, otherwise known as Integrated Patient Care Records (iPCR). The partnership, which covers Ortivus’ complete product portfolio, is an important milestone as it provides access to new markets. It enables Trapeze to deliver integrated solutions into Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), while both companies can now deliver their interoperability vision and roadmap for the region.

Trapeze is the leading provider of incident response, paramedic safety and mission-critical communication solutions for ambulance authorities in ANZ. The partnership will enhance the highly successful Trapeze Ambulance Management Solution (TAMS) which is used by 70% of ambulance authorities in the region. Ortivus’ patient care solution, MobiMed, which provides vital sign monitoring and advanced patient records in real time to support decision making, integrates with TAMS’ existing incident response, resource mobilisation, paramedic safety and critical communications functions. TAMS and MobiMed complement each other and when combined, creates an unmatched, fully integrated solution for prehospital care.

Reidar Gårdebäck, CEO at Ortivus, said “We see great potential and mutual benefits in the partnership with Trapeze, who are well established in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Customers will benefit from our combined offering, which can be provided to Trapeze’s existing clients and ambulance services in new territories.”

There is a growing demand for innovations that increase efficiency and improve safety in prehospital care. After a thorough market analysis, Ortivus recognised there is significant interest in the company’s solutions in the ANZ market. Prehospital requirements in ANZ are similar to other regions where Ortivus already experience customer success – hence, Ortivus’ solutions are an excellent fit. Ortivus and Trapeze will work closely to offer a unique workflow where all clinicians can view vital real-time patient information across multiple services throughout the entire prehospital journey – a shared single source of the truth.

James Wetherall, Managing Director Emergency Services at Trapeze, said “We believe the future of healthcare will be centred on people with treatment innovation. In our vision of this future, process automation and analytics, as well as improved technology, will deliver better health outcomes. Collaboration and new partnerships are key to merging ideas and opening potential markets.”

Both Reidar and James share the view that the partnership has come at the right time for the ANZ market, as there is a pressing need for a truly integrated patient journey solution.

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