Picture of Mariam Alhousany, Ortivus Assembly Technician


Meet Mariam Alhousany, Assembly Technician! 

Ortivus is yet again pleased to announce another new team member. 

Please welcome Mariam Alhousany, who joined the OTR Department as an Assembly Technician! Before joining Ortivus, Mariam was employed by Tremble in 2021. Her extensive experience in various industries, including robotics, brought her to Ortivus. 

Mariam feels gratified working with lifesaving equipment every day. Her attention to detail and sunny personality makes her a joy to work with. 

“Mariam is a great addition to the OTR team as we continue to grow and further increase our production capacity to successfully deliver on our current customer commitments as well as prepare for future deliveries.” – Says Jessica Nylander, OTR Manager at Ortivus.