Picture of Susanne Harlin, Ortivus New Accouting Manager


Meet Susanne Härlin, Ortivus’s Accounting Manager!

Susanne is overseeing the daily operations of the financial department, analysing accounting data to produce financial reports and ensuring rigorous adherence to accounting policies. Before joining Ortivus, Susanne worked at Bystronic Scandinavia AB as a Senior Accountant u0026 HR Administration.

The med-tech industry fascinates Susanne and she believes in putting people before numbers by doing everything she does with excellence.

“It is a pleasure to have Susanne in the finance team! Her skills and experience bring great value to Ortivus and I am convinced that Susanne will be a strong contributor in the future development of our finance department.” – says Viveka Hiort af O
äs, Chief Financial Officer at Ortivus