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The digitalisation of healthcare will be crucial able to meet the healthcare requirements of the future. In addition to the challenges that Covid-19 has brought with it, we are now seeing increasing patient volumes and limited financial resources in the healthcare sector. For an efficient and safe care, we need new ways of working and new technical innovations. As part of the development, more and more ambulance operations are switching over to electronic patient records and introducing systems that allow patient information to be shared in real time throughout the care chain. Primary care has also begun to implement solutions to be able to monitor and treat patients remotely to a greater extent. Developments in this segment for modern e-health solutions are progressing and are expected to accelerate in the coming years.

Ortivus has in-house development and production of monitoring equipment and is well equipped to meet the requirements of modern, adaptable and reliable healthcare solutions. With Ortivus’ MobiMed, you can review a patients’ vital sign such as ECG, blood pressure and heart rate in real time and at a distance. MobiMed facilitates diagnosis through advanced decision support and the ability to consult an expert remotely via video call or chat. With MobiMed, treatment can be started at an early stage while unnecessary hospital transports can be avoided as a large part of the care can take place outside the hospital. With its modularity, flexibility and advanced features, MobiMed is well adapted for our future healthcare.

Ortivus is today established in many countries and is well positioned to take MobiMed to an even larger international market.

The Ortivus Share

Ortivus shares have been listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm Small Cap-list since January 2, 1997.

 Stock SymbolISINShares OutstandingVotes/shareTotal Number of Votes
Class AORTI ASE00001889301,662,6821016,626,820
Class BORTI BSE000012308542,644,786 142,644,786

The share capital is SEK 15,507,614. Share capital is divided between class A and class B shares. The number of shares outstanding is 44,307,468 of which class A amount to 1,662,682 and class B to 42,644,786. Every class A share carries 10 votes and every class B share carries one vote.

Ortivus A

Ortivus B

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Ortivus’ Investors

Top 10 investorsA-SharesB-SharesNumber of VotesNumber of SharesShare of Capital Share of Votes
Ponderus Invest AB20 62410 320 74810 526 98810 341 37223.3%17.8%
Nordnet Pensionsförsäkring148 6014 013 4355 499 4454 162 0369.4%9.3%
Försäkringsaktiebolaget Avanza Pension 38 5173 459 6853 844 8553 498 2027.9%6.5%
Konstatin Papaxanthis250 0002 500 000250 0000.6%4.2%
Pär-Ola Adolfsson52 4591 818 8362 343 4261 871 2954.2%4.0%
Ing-Marie Fraim2 071 7042 071 7042 071 7044.7%3.5%
Raspart Förvaltning AB1 820 0001 820 0001 820 0004.1%3.1%
CBLDN-Phoneix Fund1 581 0451 581 0451 581 0453.6%2.7%
Nils-Arne Eriksson1 550 6251 550 6251 550 6253.5%2.6%
Malin Pettersson961 245961 245961 2452.2%1.6%
Other1 152 23815 047 46326 569 84316 199 70136.6%44.8%
Total1 662 43942 644 78659 269 17644 307 225100%100%

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