Ortivus launches new software for vehicle control

Ortivus has purchased the rights to the vehicle control system FleetCtrl from the company mpDEV via an asset purchase agreement. FleetCtrl will be an integrated part of MobiMed but can also be used as a stand-alone solution for all types of blue light operations.

MobiMed FleetCtrl is a user-friendly software application intended for personnel in various types of emergency services. The application simplifies the everyday life for employees, standardises controls and increases patient safety. MobiMed FleetCtrl is developed by personnel with extensive experience from pre-hospital care and has been used for several years by paramedics in Swedish Region Jämtland Härjedalen. 
MobiMed FleetCtrl will be part of Ortivus' product range, which currently consists of MobiMed Monitor, MobiMed ePR, MobiMed Life and MobiMed enRoute. Together, these systems form a total solution for a safer and more efficient pre-hospital care. 
In MobiMed FleetCtrl, there are functions for vehicle control, guidelines, reporting and drug administration, which together offer the operational management a good situational overview. Thanks to integrations to other systems, warnings are issued when the vehicle is approaching the inspection date, if there is a driving ban or if the vehicle coordinator has decided that the vehicle may not be put into use. Breath tests, routine checks and control of medicines are documented before each work shift. All administered drugs and refills of the medication bag are registered in MobiMed FleetCtrl, and in the event of a shortage, the system issues a warning. 
“We see an increased market potential for digital control systems such as MobiMed FleetCtrl. The modularity of the application means that it can be adapted to the organisation's needs, for fast and safe vehicle management. In addition to pre-hospital care, the system can also be used in areas with similar needs, such as the fire brigade and in the home healthcare." Says Magnus Mårtensson, Chief Product Officer, Ortivus. 
In connection with this transaction, the personnel who developed the system will be employed by Ortivus.