MobiMed – For public access

Heart safe solutions for public access

Ortivus offers competitive Automated External Defibrillators for public safety

Simple & Intuitive

Remote Monitor (IoT)

CPR with metronome
and feedback

Automatic switch on
and pre-connected pads

MobiMed Life

MobiMed Life – a part of MobiMed, is a stand-alone defibrillation solution that can be tailored to the organisation’s needs.

Reanibex 100

Reanibex 100 is a user-friendly AED for adult and pediatric patient use. The AED has two different options: semi-automatic and fully automated. The AED has faster shock that is automatically switched on when the cover is opened. It has pre-connected pads and pre-charge for a faster shock delivery.

Reanibex 300

Reanibex 300 is an AED for adult and pediatric patients. It is biphasic up to 360 Joule and offers CPR guidance in real time.

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