MobiMed for out of hospital care

MobiMed – an innovative solution for out of hospital care

Enable advanced monitoring and assessments in the patient’s safe home environment.

A good and efficient
distance care

Saves resources and minimizes
unnecessary hospital transports

Simplifies information management
and patient follow-up

What is MobiMed?

How MobiMed works

With the help of MobiMed, a large part of the examination can take place in the patient’s safe home environment. Vital data and ECG are sent real time to medical experts who can make their assessments at a distance. If necessary, there is a possibility of video calls and real time prescription of medicine. Patient data is integrated seamlessly into the hospital’s medical record system.

Proven technology

MobiMed, which has been used in prehospital care for 20 years, has now been adapted to best support the growing out of hospital care.

The patient in the center of care

• Patients and relatives can be more involved in the care plan
• Saved resources for increased continuity in medical contacts and follow-up
• Unnecessary transport to the hospital and care center can be avoided
• MobiMed enable a Continuum of Care
• Safe and equal care regardless of geography and demography
• Real-time remote communication with specialists
• Electronic management of vital parameters and medical records


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