MobiMed FleetCtrl

Ambulans parkerad utanför byggnad där bilen är installerad med MobiMed FleetCtrl

Simplifies everyday life

MobiMed FleetCtrl is a software application created for various types of blue light operations. The application is user-friendly, simplifies the everyday life for employees and increases patient safety with standardised controls. MobiMed FleetCtrl has been developed by personnel with extensive experience in pre-hospital care and has been used for several years in Region Jämtland Härjedalens ambulance operations.

MobiMed FleetCtrl

MobiMed FleetCtrl makes everyday life easier for employees in the emergency services and primary care. With smart functions, regular automated checks and improved communication, work becomes more efficient for better patient safety.

Important information – instantly in the app

Keep control over unread notes on a vehicle or get warnings if there is a shortage in the medication log. The system will alarm If a vehicle is approaching the inspection date, has been banned from driving or if the vehicle coordinator has decided that the vehicle may not be put into use.

Front end

The app works on all mobile phones regardless of operating system. The system is continuously updated.

Back end

Backend is the actual control panel that controls the entire MobiMed FleetCtrl. Changes and adjustments in the app are easily made in the backend system and instantly updated in the app for the users.

“When I was new as a paramedic, it felt safe to know that everything I needed was in the app.”

Helena Olsson
Paramedic, Region Jämtland Härjedalen

Phone number

Centralise the management of phone numbers that are important to the organisation.


Document regular checks of equipment and vehicles. Register fuel, controlled medication and breath samples.


Ensure that all employees always have access to the latest version of necessary documents and guidelines. New documents are uploaded or created directly in the application.

Daily control

Learn about traffic disruptions and weather warnings. The information is automatically retrieved from the Swedish Transport Agency and smhi’s information service


Easily send remarks to those in charge and get answers directly in the application. Easily create SMS groups to send text messages to employees or vehicles.


All important functions such as documents, PDFs and phone numbers are always available even if the phone is not connected to internet.

The Swedish Transport Agency

Automatic check against the Swedish Transport Agency. Get notifications about the vehicles that are approaching inspection. a text message is sent to those responsible if any vehicle has a driving ban.


Easily book vehicles for various events. The vehicles are notified directly in the app so that the staff can carry out the event. For example, leave the car at the workshop

MobiMed FleetCtrl hjälper blåljuspersonal med fordonsinformation. Håll koll på ambulansen, polisbilen eller brandbilen med appen FleetCtrl

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