MobiMed for prehospital care

A modular total solution for optimal patient care and cost efficiency

Whenever there is an incident or accident, getting to the patient and quickly starting treatment is critical. Of course, the sooner the treatment can start, and the quicker the patient can get to a hospital where specialist resources and staff are available, the better. MobiMed plays a vital part in this streamlining and optimizing this process. MobiMed is designed for efficient prehospital care. At the incident site or in the ambulance, healthcare personnel can monitor vital parameters in real-time and access sophisticated patient record functions and decision support solutions that makes it easier and safer to make clinical decisions. With MobiMed hospitals can bring optimal patient care, by using efficient and cost-effective processes.

Optimal patient care

MobiMed has many features and functions that enable emergency staff to quickly and confidently provide patient care with the right quality. Access to clinical records, real-time monitoring of vital signs, triage and decision support and patient care pathways/resource management.