MobiMed Life

Heart safe solutions

With over 30 years’ experience in cardiology and in close collaboration with our users, Ortivus has developed MobiMed, the leading solution for patient monitoring and record keeping in prehospital care. With MobiMed, ambulance personnel can monitor and treat the patient out in the field, while patient data and vital parameters are shared in real time throughout the care chain. MobiMed Life – a part of MobiMed, is a stand-alone defibrillation solution that can be tailored to the organisation’s needs.

Compact, robust and
intuitive defibrillator

CPR assistance

360 Joule

MobiMed Connect, communication
throughout the care chain

MobiMed Life – Heart safe solutions

Ortivus delivers modular, user-friendly and ergonomic solutions focused on quality and patient safety. MobiMed Life is designed for advanced monitoring and resuscitation. Ortivus offers different defibrillator models as modules that can be adapted to the organisation’s needs. Data from the defibrillator is automatically transferred to MobiMed Monitor and ePR.

MobiMed Life, together with MobiMed Monitor, ePR and Cloud, constitutes a unique total solution for prehospital healthcare and primary care.

MobiMed ePR

MobiMed ePR provides paramedics with a structured workflow and support that improves the clinical decision-making process.

MobiMed Monitor

With a total weight of 3 kg, the MobiMed Monitor can easily be carried out into the field. MobiMed monitors and measures the patient’s vital parameters such as ECG, blood pressure and SpO2. Data from MobiMed is automatically transferred to the medical record, which reduces the administrative burden enabling the team to focus on the management of the patient.

MobiMed Cloud

For information sharing throughout the care chain, MobiMed Cloud supports on-prem or cloud hosting depending on the customers IT strategy.

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