The future of out of hospital care is already here!

MobiMed, which has been used in prehospital care for 20 years, has been adapted and is now being launched to best support the out of hospital care. With MobiMed, the bigger part of the examination and sampling can take place in the patient’s safe home environment, while medical experts at a distance can make their assessment. MobiMed enable an improved, safe and equal out of hospital care and saves resources for an increased continuity in medical contacts.

The healthcare is changing. To be able to offer high quality care in the future, we need to combine existing, proven technology and expertise with new innovative solutions. We will soon see a more advanced out of hospital care, where primary care takes greater responsibility as the cohesive part, at the same time as the collaboration between different care providers increases. Ortivus is now launching MobiMed for out of hospital care, where proven technology has been adapted to meet the care requirements of today and tomorrow. With MobiMed, the patient’s vital parameters and ECG can be measured remotely and sent in real time to medical experts, who can make their assessment. If necessary, there is the possibility of video calls and real-time prescription of medical drugs. All patient data is transferred automatically and seamlessly to the hospital’s medical record system. With MobiMed, healthcare personnel can be more efficient and the patient more involved in the care. Unnecessary transports to hospitals and health centers are minimized and resources can instead be used for increased continuity in medical contacts and follow-up. With MobiMed, Out of hospital care becomes safe and equal, regardless of geography or demography.

Today, there are already examples of several Swedish regions, e.g. Region Örebro and and Region Jämtland-Härjedalen, where a working method supported by MobiMed has been tested with good results. The goal is to improve the care, help patients to be more secure and to minimize the need for transports to the emergency room, or hospitalization. “With MobiMed, we can avoid unnecessary transport of patients to the hospital or the health center. It can be quite hard for our frailest elderly to spend the greater part of a day travelling back and forth to a care facility. During a patient transport, special attendants or relatives are also required to come along, which of course is time and resource consuming. From a societal perspective, it is much more efficient to have a nurse measuring ECG in the patients home, while the ECG is transferred to the patients medical record in real-time.” – Per-Ola Sundin, Chief Physician at the Geriatric Department and project manager for the Local Health Care Team Örebro