Magnus Mårtensson is Ortivus’ new Chief Product Officer

Magnus Mårtensson has joined Ortivus as Chief Product Officer. This is a new position in the company. Magnus will have the overall responsibility for the management and development of the company’s product portfolio and be part of the company’s management team. An important part of the role is to act as the link between customer requirements, future needs and product development. This requires broad knowledge of everything from technology development to the healthcare environment, along with the ability to identify future needs.

With his background in advanced technology development at leading industrial companies and his experience of working in healthcare, Magnus has the profile and experience we were looking for. Through this recruitment, Ortivus now has additional resources with which to develop products for future care, says CEO Reidar Gårdebäck.

Magnus Mårtensson

Magnus Mårtensson’s background is in medtech development and management. He has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and during his career, he has switched between technical roles and more commercial roles but has always had close contact with health care professions. His career has included working at Karolinska University Hospital and in various roles at GE Healthcare. This has allowed him to gain deep understanding of current challenges in healthcare, something that Ortivus will greatly benefit from.

What has attracted Magnus Mårtensson to Ortivus is the opportunity to have one foot in the development of advanced medical technology and the other in helping clients in paramedic care, primary care and healthcare with their challenges. Magnus will be based at headquarter in Danderyd. Welcome to Ortiuvs!


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