Contract for MobiMed delivery to Region Jönköpings län successfully signed

On November 28, 2022, Ortivus was awarded a contract for the delivery of MobiMed ePR and MobiMed enRoute to support the ambulance operations of Region Jönköpings län. The contract has now been officially signed by both parties. The initial contract period is 5 years, and there is the potential for a further extension of another 5 years. The total value of the order amounts to 4.2 MSEK for the initial contract period, with an additional 4.2 MSEK allocated upon contract extension.

We are pleased to announce that contract has been signed between Ortivus and Region Jönköpings län covering the delivery of MobiMed to the region’s entire ambulance fleet. Following the award on November 28, 2022, a competing supplier contested the decision. However, on April 24, the Administrative Court dismissed the appeal against Region Jönköpings län. Despite this outcome, the competing company chose to escalate the matter to a higher court, but their request for appeal was not granted. As a result, the contract has now been successfully signed.
Ortivus currently supplies MobiMed to 16 out of 21 Swedish regions, and Region Jönköpings län is already utilizing MobiMed Monitor and MobiMed Life. The recently signed contract specifically covers MobiMed ePR, electronic patient records, and MobiMed enRoute, which facilitates case management and navigation. Consequently, the region will now integrate all of Ortivus' solutions into its prehospital care, with the exception of MobiMed FleetCtrl.
“We are pleased that the prehospital care in Region Jönköpings län has now entered a contract with Ortivus as the new supplier of prehospital ambulance records. We look forward to a good collaboration and to start the implementation process during the autumn of 2023” says Rickard Joneman, Deputy Head of Operations, Ambulance Care Unit, Region Jönköpings län.
"We are happy that the contract finally has been officially signed, allowing us to kickstart the delivery of the industry's most comprehensive solution to Region Jönköpings län’s ambulance operations. We look forward to a continuous good collaboration with the region, as they will be among the pioneering users of our new navigation and case management solution: MobiMed enRoute." says Elias Obaid, Global Sales Manager, Ortivus.