MobiMed ePR is getting ready to be re-initiated after previous cyber-attack

Ortivus has since the 20th of July been ready to initiate MobiMed ePR, electronic patients records, for the British customers that got affected during the recent cyber-attack. The company only awaits final approval by NHS authorities before the ambulance trusts can reconnect.

Ortivus can announce that the MobiMed ePR system that was hit by the previously reported cyber-attack is ready to be re-initiated for the affected customers as an interim live environment has been constructed using new equipment. Before the system can be brought into operation it has to be approved and verified by an independent actor to ensure that the system meets certain criteria indicated by NHS England and the Ambulance Trusts. This external analysis is ongoing and is expected to be finished at the beginning of next week.
Meanwhile, paramedics can use the MobiMed ePR application locally on their computers. However, they will not be able to import or export patient data before the approval has been received.