Meet Martin Tran and learn about his degree project on MobiMed Glasses!

Meet Martin Tran and learn about his degree project on MobiMed Glasses!

Martin is currently working as a software engineer and has recently received a Master of Science degree in Medical Engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Before moving to Stockholm for his studies, he lived in Malmö located in the south of Sweden. During his studies, Martin focused on medical technology and therefore chose to complete his degree project at Ortivus in the autumn of 2021.

It was during an event, arranged by the Section of Medical Technology at KTH, that Martin first came across Ortivus. The event, called MedTech Evening, is held annually and Ortivus has participated several times. In connection with the event, Ortivus shared an advertisement where they were looking for a student for a specific degree project. “I saw the ad for the thesis and booked a meeting to hear more about the project and to see if it would suit me.” says Martin.

The project itself included a concept study with the aim to integrate MobiMed with a head-up display and Martin worked with the integration between MobiMed Monitor and Google Glassess. Martin explains: “The biggest advantage of a head-up display in prehospital care is that you can provide lots of vital information to the paramedic in real time while the paramedic still are able to look the patient in the eyes and work with both hands.”

During the work, Martin worked closely with Ortivus’ development team as a large part of his work coincided with the development of the next generation MobiMed: – MobiMed Unity. However, he ran the project independently with the help of a supervisor from Ortivus. “I got help from my supervisor and the development team so that I could learn how the integration would go and understand how MobiMed works today.” he continues, “The biggest challenge was working with new technology that had not been previously explored. You had to read a lot to understand the problem and break it down into smaller sub-goals.” In addition to the technical development, Martin interviewed ambulance personnel from Sweden and the UK to get feedback on his solution. The project was very successful and there is great development potential for the solution that Martin worked on!

“Martin’s work has been an important piece of the puzzle in Ortivus’ innovative development of the product. The result of the thesis was really good, a working prototype of MobiMed Glasses that we’ve show cased at conferences such as the ambulance fair FLISA. Now the work remains to take the prototype to the next step. After his graduation, Martin got a job here at Ortivus and is already an important part of our growing development team.” Magnus Mårtensson, Product Manager at Ortivus

Read more about Martin’s thesis here!

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