Erik Bäverstig is Ortivus’ new Warehouse and Delivery Manager

Ortivus strengthens the service and support team with new Warehouse and Delivery Manager, Erik Bäverstig! We are very happy to welcome Erik to the team! Erik has a strong passion for solving problems and helping customers. He has worked with warehousing and logistics/support for several years and his area of expertise is mainly warehouse optimization, in which he has gained good experience in previous positions such as Warehouse Manager and Logistics Technician. Erik prefers to be on the move, rather than sitting at a desk, so the Warehouse and Delivery Manager position at Ortivus suits Erik perfectly! What brought you to Ortivus, Erik? For me, it is very important to contribute to something bigger than just myself. I want to be able to help others when I can, I feel good doing so. Ortivus is the best place to do this, you literally handle computers and devices that help save lives. Is there anything else that can make you feel better? How do you spend time outside of work? In 2020-2021, there has been a lot of Netflix and YouTube. Otherwise, I like to work out, cook, watch tennis, hang out with friends, and create music.