Ortivus has entered into an agreement with its main owner regarding a bridge loan of 5.0 MSEK.

To strengthen the company's liquidity position in the aftermath of cyber-attack from last year, Ortivus has secured an agreement with Ponderus Invest for a bridge loan.

A contract has been signed between Ortivus and the company's main owner covering a bridge loan of 5.0 MSEK. This is to cover expenses for short-term deliveries and to strengthen the company's liquidity situation, which was severely impacted by the criminal cyber-attack the company was subjected to in July 2023.

A legal proceeding is underway to recover lost revenue and incurred expenses.

As previously communicated, the cyber-attack targeted one of Ortivus’ subcontractors and impacted some of the company's customers in the United Kingdom.
The loan is to be repaid by 30 August 2024.