MobiMed ePR is live again after a prior cyber-attack impacting some UK customers

We are pleased to announce that MobiMed ePR, Ortivus' electronic patient records system, has been reinstated for all UK customers affected by the previously reported cyber-attack on the sub-vendor datacenter hosting the system. The company has received final approval from NHS authorities to restart the system, and all customers are now reconnected.

On the evening of July 18, the datacenter for a sub-vendor hosting Ortivus’ system, was subject to a cyber-attack, affecting some of our UK customers’ MobiMed environments.
We are now delighted to announce that MobiMed ePR is operational once again for all affected customers. We've collaborated closely with the customers and sub-vendor to establish a secure new hosting environment and successfully restore the MobiMed ePR system.
The new hosting environment has undergone several improvements prior to relaunch and has been redesigned from the ground up. The new infrastructure design is micro-segmented on a network level, ensuring that the blast radius is minimized should there be another breach attempt in the future. Additional and enhanced cyber security tools are installed on the systems by our partner’s Security Operations Center.
“We are pleased to reintroduce MobiMed ePR to our affected UK-based customers following this criminal act. Leveraging our extensive experience in system integrations, we have rapidly and successfully migrated MobiMed ePR to a hosting environment with significantly enhanced security. We extend our gratitude for the exceptional collaboration and hard work demonstrated by our customers and partners.” – Says Jörgen Petersen, Ortivus’ Service- and Support Manager.