Ortivus AB starts subsidiary in Denmark

Ortivus is pleased to announce that the company is starting the Danish subsidiary Ortivus MobiMed ApS. With this establishment, Ortivus strengthens its presence in the country and its relation to current and potential customers.

As the need for innovative solutions in e-health increases, the demand for Ortivus' systems increases around the world. As a result of a growing business in Denmark, Ortivus has now decided to start a subsidiary to enhance marketing and sales activities in the country.
"There is an increased interest in our products in Denmark and by establishing a subsidiary we can deliver optimal support to our existing and future Danish customers." – Says Reidar Gårdebäck, CEO Ortivus
Ortivus MobiMed ApS will offer the Danish market Ortivus' solutions MobiMed Monitor, MobiMed ePR and MobiMed Life.
"We are very excited to grow on the Danish market, MobiMed is a modular and competitive total solution that clearly meets the market requirements" – Says Morten Flor Sckaletz, Senior Product Specialist, Ortivus MobiMed ApS