By integrating the ambulances’ medical record system with the healthcare medical record system, the information flow between ambulance and hospital has been improved, and the entire alarm and care chain is made more efficient. It frees time for the ambulance staff who can focus their attention on the patients, which means that the quality of care can be increased.

Benefits from the integration

There are several benefits of linking the ambulance’s log system MobiMed with the Cambio Cosmic health care system. For the staff, this means less administrative work, mainly as they avoid double journaling. Previously, the ambulance staff specifically wrote medical records for the care that took place in the ambulance and gave it to the next care provider, usually the emergency personnel. However, now that the systems are integrated, the journal entries from the ambulance are visible directly in Cambio Cosmic which avoids extra work.

If the staff at the emergency room need to know what care the patient has received in the ambulance, they no longer have to track down the right person to get the information, as it is easily accessible via a lookup in the computer. 

The emergency staff can quickly get a summary of the care given and information on vital parameters, ie, pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and body temperature. They can also see all the medicine administered during ambulance transport.

The integration also ensures that the health information is transferred automatically and correctly to the hospital’s journal, which in turn ensures that critical patient information is not lost in the handover. It ensures the entire healthcare chain’s quality and enables efficient follow-up.

Kronoberg Region uses Ortivus MobiMed

Transparency of medical information

All caretakers can read their health records on By linking the ambulance’s medical record system to the hospital’s, the ambulance journal entries are also available, which was not the case previously.

It also means that the care efforts made in the ambulance and the hospital are visible in the medical record system for all health care providers, immediately and in the standard system.

Awarded Integration

Region Kronoberg’s integration between Ortivus MobiMed and Cambio Cosmic was awarded in 2018 with Swedish Prehospital Prize with the justification:

“Ambulance care in Region Kronoberg has, through active work and in close collaboration with journal suppliers, various healthcare providers and NPÖ [Swedish national patient records], created a good example of ‘One Patient – One Journal’ and put this into practice with proper functionality. The work constitutes a milestone in patient safety work and continuity in the care chain and encourages both continued development and follow-up.”

More regions follow suit

The work of getting a complete healthcare chain has been successful in nor only Region Kronoberg, but also Region Västmanland and Region Jämtland Härjedalen have implemented similar integration projects.

Region Uppsala is in the middle of this transformation and is expected to see the same positive results as the other regions.

More information

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