Meet the team in the Ortivus workshop in the UK

In Southern England Ortivus has a UK-office in a business park in Totton, a small town next to large seaport Southampton. The space is well hidden behind what looks like an entrance to a storage. The office is more workshop than posh office, which suits the company’s needs better. In the workshop the team take care of equipment on its way to or from customers. When you realise how much they travel and the amount of goods they move around, the location makes perfect sense.

The staff have all been with the company for a long time and know the products in and out. The newest team members, Philip Swan and Sean Taylor, joined five years ago. They work along company veterans Greg Biggs and Stuart Biggs. Perhaps you can also spot Reidar Gårdebäck who normally is based in the head office in Sweden.

The team takes care of customer and equipment

The team takes care of customers in the UK. That includes all kind of relations on different levels. They offer technical support and training when requested or necessary and roll out new releases. A lot of the time is spent on travelling to customers, picking up equipment and sending to manufacturers. If possible, they repair in-house.

All pictures are taken during a “business-as-usual-day” in September when, by coincident, everyone was there.

Greg show Reidar one item that is being repaired.
Sean is doing a lot of the repairs.
Phil captured in a meeting.
Stuart and Phil discuss different tablets.