Ortivus AB implements business acceleration with Spark Group

Ortivus AB has signed an agreement with the consulting company Spark Group AB. According to the agreement, Spark Group will strengthen Ortivus’ organization with expertise covering business areas such as; Sales, Product Management and Operations.  Spark Group carried out a review of Ortivus’ operations and products this past autumn, and made a comprehensive business analysis. Spark has been engaged to implement the recommendations for business acceleration for the coming years.

“We are seeing a shift in activity in our home markets in the UK and Sweden, and in other markets in Europe. The burden on emergency care is increasing, and improved efficiency of primary, pre-hospital care is the key to reducing pressure on care providers and shortening care queues for patients. This shift opens up new business opportunities for Ortivus, and we are now strengthening our business strategy and operations”, says Peter Edwall, board member and principal owner of Ortivus AB.

“We see an exciting journey ahead with Ortivus, given their products, the growing market demands and Ortivus’ long experience in the health-care market.  The Spark team is eager to get started.  Together with the Ortivus organization, we look forward to implementing our recommendations to strengthen the business.” says Beth Topolovsky, CEO of Spark Group.
“Spark Group provides high expertise in several important areas. The analysis that has already been carried out will be of great benefit to Ortivus in the future. I see the collaboration as an investment for the future in several ways, not least because it also opens new opportunities for raising capital within the framework of Ortivus’ growth strategy”, Peter Edwall adds.

For further information, please contact:
Peter Edwall, Board Member Ortivus AB, phone +46 70920 6733, e-mail: peter.edwall@ponderus.se
Beth Topolovsky, CEO Spark Group AB, phone +46 70563 4315, e-mail: beth@sparkgroup.se

About Spark Group
With hubs in San Francisco and Stockholm, Spark is a group of senior consultants with deep domain expertise across technology landscapes and geographic regions.  Spark ignites change and secures capital to transform companies to fulfill their growth plans. Spark blends Silicon Valley expertise and capital with Scandinavia’s tech companies to spark high-performing enterprises.

Spark team members have strong track records of “build-and-grow” successes from early stage to large international corporations, and from the cutting-edge tech companies to the current technology offerings. Spark works with a model that brings companies to the next level by improving and leveraging existing strengths and by optimizing company business. At the end of a Spark engagement, the company is in acceleration mode and prepared for further growth.

About OrtivusOrtivus founded in 1985, based on clinical experience in cardiology, is headquartered in Danderyd outside Stockholm. Since 1998, the company has been established in the UK through its own subsidiary. Through the proprietary modular technology platform MobiMed, Ortivus offers its customers, real-time monitoring of patients in the pre-hospital healthcare and MobiMed Journal – a decision support system that can be integrated in real-time against the healthcare’s own administrative care system and against external patient systems. Ortivus A and B shares are listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm Small Cap list.


Ortivus PR Agreement Spark.pdf