Two men from Uppsala flightclub with a Reanibex 100 in front of plane


Putting Safety First: Ortivus and Uppsala Flight Club Join Forces for Visitor Well-being

Recently, Ortivus visited Uppsala Flight Club, a renowned aviation club located north of Uppsala city. Offering powered flights, gliding, and model plane flying, the club hosts numerous gatherings, competitions, and training sessions throughout the year, attracting a large number of visitors. Recognizing the importance of visitor safety, Uppsala Flight Club acquired the Reanibex 100 defibrillator from Ortivus.

Having a defibrillator readily available is crucial during critical situations like sudden cardiac arrest. Fast initiation of life-saving measures increases the chances of saving lives. Applying a defibrillator within three minutes of cardiac arrest yields over a 70% chance of restoring normal heart function. Uppsala Flight Club chose the Reanibex 100, part of the MobiMed Life series, for its ease of use and accessibility.

After reviewing various options, the flight club selected the Reanibex 100 as the most cost-effective and suitable choice. With its compact and robust design, weighing only 2 kg, the defibrillator can withstand challenging conditions.

The defibrillator is now prominently placed at the club’s entrance for quick and easy access during emergencies. Uppsala Flight Club plans to inform visitors about the defibrillator’s presence in their club presentation. Every second counts during cardiac arrest, and a defibrillator can save lives even before ambulance personnel arrive.

An intriguing development is the possibility of delivering defibrillators via drones, which Ulf Daffy, a club member, suggests exploring as an expansion of life-saving efforts.

Lastly, the flight club will register the defibrillator on a digital map, enabling anyone in need to locate the nearest device, thereby improving response times.

“Lifesaving is important to us. Pilots, students, and visitors come to our club, and that’s why having a defibrillator is necessary. We want to be able to save lives in time.” – Ulf Daffy, pilot at Uppsala Flight Club