Ortivus M531 Portable Measuring Unit

Ortivus M531 is a Portable Measuring Unit for Emergency and Primary Care

Ortivus M531 - portable vital signs monitor

Ortivus M531 portable measuring unit for ECG, EtCO2, NiBP and SpO2. Here seen with sensors.

Ortivus M531 is a lightweight, portable measuring unit for vital signs that seamlessly integrates with the Ortivus MobiMed software. It is designed to work in rough conditions such as an emergency site or in an ambulance.

With the M531 you feed vital signs data directly into MobiMed’s ambulance ePR. This reduces the need for manual data entry and the risk for human errors, it minimises redundant work and frees up value time, allowing the ambulance staff to focus on customer care.

Use it to the M531 to measure the following vital signs:

  • ECG up to 12 channels
  • SpO2
  • NIBP
  • EtCO2
  • Respiration

Purpose Built Measuring Unit

Ortivus M531 is a portable measuring unit for monitoring vital signs. It is purposefully built to withstand the rough treatment it may be exposed to at an emergency site or in an ambulance. Weighing less than one kilo, the measuring unit is easy to carry with you at all times, especially when you use the Ortivus CS-1 carrying system, that also holds your patient unit, cables and sensors.

Wireless Transfer of Vital Signs Parameters

The M531 measuring unit integrates seamlessly with the Ortivus MobiMed software, wirelessly transferring ECG, EtCO2, NIBP, SpO2, and respiration data via Bluetooth to your PM1-1 or PG1-1 patient units. With the Bluetooth connection, there are no extra cables that can get tangled or get in the way of providing the proper patient care.

Technical Specifications

SpecificationsOrtivus M531
Weight664 g
Size (w x h x d)85 mm x 165 mm x 60 mm
Battery lifemin. 6 hours with CO2 and NIBP-interval 5 minutes
ECG cables3-, 5-, 8- or 10 electrode connections
Measuring interval15-300 bpm
Accuracy+/- 1 bpm
Frequency range0,05-170 Hz
Measuring intervalSaturation 70-100%, Pulse 18-300 bpm
AccuracySaturation +/-2 siffra (depending on type of probe)
Pulse +/-3%, +/-1 digit
Measuring interval (adult)40-260 (SYS), 26-220 (MAP), 20-200 (DIA)
Measuring time< 40 seconds
Measuring interval0-10% (gaseous concentration)
0-150 (respiratory frequency)
Accuracy (normal)+/-0,3% (abs), +/-6% (rel)
Accuracy (respiratory frequency)+/- 1 breaths

Related Products and Accessories

Ortivus M531 has accessories that extend the functionality of the entire system. Used together with the Ortivus MobiMed system for monitoring, a patient unit and sensors, you get a portable vital signs monitoring system.
Ortivus MobiMed Screendump

Ortivus MobiMed

MobiMed is a software solution for electronic patient journals (ePC) and vital signs monitoring.It integrates seamlessly with Ortivus M531 via the PM1-1 and PG1-1 tablets. Learn more about the MobiMed here.
Ortivus PM-1 Patient Unit

Ortivus PM-1 and PG-1 Patient Units

Use Ortivus M531 with MobiMed running on either the PM1-1 and PG1-1 patient units. Both are rugged tablet computers that work perfectly with the M531 measuring unit. The patient units can be used to monitor patient vital signs and ECG which will seamlessly integrate with the ePR.
Ortivus CS-1 Carrying System

Ortivus CS-1 Carrying System

A carrying system for the Ortivus M531 measuring unit, patient monitor, sensors and cables. Learn more about the carrying system here. Other accessories are also available.

More Information

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