Ortivus CS-1 Carrying System

Ortivus CS-1 is a practical, lightweight carrying system for emergency and care workers

Ortivus CS-1 Carrying System unfolded

Ortivus CS-1 is a practical carrying system for the M531 measuring unit, PM1-1 patient unit, sensors and cables.

Ortivus CS-1 is a complete, lightweight, and practical carrying system for transporting the portable measuring unit Ortivus M531 together with a patient unit, sensors and cables.
Ortivus CS-1 Carrying SystemWith the compact CS-1 carrying system you can transport the portable measuring unit Ortivus M531, patient unit together with all necessary sensors and cables. The carrying system can also hold your Ortivus PM1-1 patient unit. Together with the MobiMed software, the tablet, measuring unit, and sensors make up a complete solution for real-time monitoring of vital parameters and electronic patient journals (ePR). The carrying system is easy to pack and unpack at incident sites and planned patient calls.

Compatible with Ortivus Charging System

The carrying system has a magnetic charging connector which is very easy to attach, and that is fully compatible with the Ortivus car mounted charging system.

Easy to Clean and Sanitize

The carrying system is made of a reinforced, non-porous fabric and uses magnetic latches instead of velcro. This makes the system easy to sanitize with antibacterial detergents.

Prepared for Ambulance Mounting

The carrying system is designed with mounting brackets that meets the requirement for installing in an ambulance.

Technical Specifications

SpecificationsOrtivus CS-1
Dimension, folded together (w x h x d)280 x 140 x 180 mm
Weight (unpacked)approximately 300 g

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Ortivus CS-1 Carrying System is designed to work with the PM1-1 Patient unit and M531 Measuring Unit.
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Ortivus M531 Measuring Unit

Ortivus M531 is a lightweight, portable measuring unit for vital signs that seamlessly integrates with the  Ortivus MobiMed software. It is designed to work in rough conditions such as an emergency site or in an ambulance.
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Ortivus PM1-1 is a small, robust and reliable patient unit, specially configured to let you perform patient-critical tasks without compromise using the MobiMed software. Ortivus PM1-1 fits nicely into the CS-1 Carrying System

More information

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