MobiMed life – a part of MobiMed, is a stand-alone defibrillation solution that can
be tailored to the organisation’s needs.


A defibrillator is not always needed, but when it is, it is crucial that it is close at hand. Ortivus offers defibrillators and AEDs from Schiller and Bexen Cardio. Data from the defibrillator is automatically transferred to MobiMed monitor and ePR.

Ortivus delivers modular, user-friendly and ergonomic solutions focused on quality and patient safety. MobiMed Life is designed for advanced monitoring and resuscitation. It is a modular solution that can be adapted to the organisation’s needs. Together with MobiMed Monitor and MobiMed ePR, it constitutes a unique total solution for prehospital healthcare.

Related Products and Accessories

Ortivus MobiMed has been designed to integrate seamlessly with several third party vendors and with Ortivus products.

Ortivus M531 Portable Measuring Unit

Ortivus M531 Measuring Unit

Ortivus M531 is a lightweight, portable measuring unit for vital signs that seamlessly integrates with the Ortivus MobiMed Software. It is designed to work in rough conditions such as an emergency site or in an ambulance.

Ortivus PM1-1 Patient Monitor

Ortivus PM1-1 Patient Unit

Ortivus PM1-1 patient unit fits nicely into the CS-1 Carrying System.

Ortivus PG1-1 Patient Monitor

Ortivus PG1-1 Patient Unit

The Ortivus PG1-1 is a patient unit, and compared to the PM1-1 it is slightly bigger but also more powerful.

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