Ortivus and Carmenta announce participation in new collaboration

PRESS RELEASE Danderyd/Gothenburg Feb. 12, 2019

Ortivus and Carmenta announce participation in new collaboration

Ortivus AB and Carmenta Public Safety AB have signed a collaboration agreement. Under the agreement, which initially applies primarily to the Spanish and Nordic markets, the parties can deliver a total solution with map, navigation, monitoring and electronic patient records to the prehospital market. Carmenta provides solutions linked primarily to navigation and case management, while Ortivus provides products for patient monitoring and electronic patient records. The collaborative venture will enable Ortivus and Carmenta to provide added value to their prehospital customers since there is great demand for total solutions that contain the systems that the two companies offer. Both parties will also be able to strengthen their presence in the areas and markets where they are jointly active as a result of the collaboration. Customers, who are primarily located in Spain and the Nordic region, will have a partner that can help them to specify needs and deliver a solution that covers the entire workflow in an emergency situation. Both companies are driven by a strong desire to develop prehospital care and to help their customers to develop their businesses. Carmenta’s innovative systems and presence in the market serve as an outstanding complement to the patient monitoring and electronic patient record systems that Ortivus offers its customers. “Ortivus has extensive experience with its current MobiMed system. We look forward to joining forces with Carmenta to be able to offer well-proven navigation and case management systems together with Ortivus’ electronic patient record system. This combination provides a package deal that is difficult to beat for customers in prehospital care who are looking for a total solution,” says Lars Höst, CEO of Ortivus. “We are extremely pleased to launch this collaborative venture with Ortivus. Our modern new solution, ResQMobile, for case management, routing and navigation is already highly appreciated by customers in ambulance and emergency services in markets such as Denmark and Spain. We are now two parties, with high-quality solutions, who can offer ambulance services in Europe substantial added value through a market-leading total solution,” says Johan Hedensiö, CEO of Carmenta Public Safety.

For more information, please contact: Lars Höst, acting CEO Ortivus AB phone +46 72- 229 00 36 email: lars.host@ortivus.se Johan Hedensiö, CEO Carmenta Public Safety AB, phone +46 72 234 17 85 email: johan.hedensio@carmenta.com

About Ortivus Ortivus was founded in 1985, based on clinical experience in cardiology, and has its headquarters in Danderyd, outside Stockholm. The company has had a presence in the UK through its own subsidiary since 1998. Through its proprietary, module-based MobiMed technology platform, Ortivus offers its customers real-time monitoring of patients in prehospital care and MobiMed ePR – a decision support system that can be integrated in real time with patient management systems in the healthcare setting and with external patient systems. Ortivus Class A and Class B shares are listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm Small Cap list. Read more about Ortivus at ortivusflytt19.wpengine.com

About Carmenta Carmenta has been supplying world-class software for mission-critical systems for more than 30 years – systems in which superior situational awareness is the key to success. We provide high performance software products, develop client-specific solutions and offer a wide range of services that help some of the world’s most technologically-advanced customers optimize their operations using real-time geospatial information. Carmenta Public Safety have 30 years of experience with product and system deliveries to customers within the Public Safety domain. We offer high quality and high performance complete solutions that cover the entire alarm chain, from answering alarm calls in the emergency centre, with case management, prioritization, positioning and routing to communication with mobile clients in emergency vehicles encompassing navigation, routing, status and photo/video functionality. Our comprehensive products and globally recognized excellence in digital map technology, ensure that operators in emergency centres and rescue personnel in vehicles can streamline and quality-assure their tasks. Through modern applications in mobile clients, we ensure that emergency personnel always have access to the best and latest information for navigation and routing, which enables the shortest possible response times. Our customers come from government agencies and local/regional ambulance, police, rescue services as well as sea and air rescue organisations in a total of 13 countries in Europe and South America. Read more about Carmenta at www.carmenta.se