Paramedics pointing on MobiMed monitor from Ortivus


Ortivus will now deliver MobiMed to Estonia’s entire ambulance fleet!

We are very pleased to announce that the Estonian Health Insurance Fund Haigekassa has decided to award Telia Eesti, with Ortivus as a subcontractor, a contract on the delivery of MobiMed ePR to Estonia’s entire ambulance fleet. Estonia is a new customer for Ortivus and an important milestone for Ortivus’ further growth in Europe. The order value is estimated to 26 MSEK and the contract duration is 5 years with a possible extension of another 5 years. The extension has an additional order value of estimated 26 MSEK.

Estonia is situated in the north of Europe and covers an area of 45 300 square kilometers. There are currently 10 bodies of emergency medical care that operate ambulance crews in in the country and around 100 emergency vehicles covering a population of 1.3M. With this award from Eesti Haigekassa, Ortivus will be delivering MobiMed ePR, electronic patient record, to all emergency vehicles across Estonia’s prehospital care. The order value for Ortivus includes yearly license fees, service u0026 support and adaption and integration of MobiMed for the Estonian market.

“Estonia is known for being at the forefront of e-health and we are very pleased to have received this award. We look forward to delivering a state-of-the-art prehospital ePR solution to Estonia, to further enhance efficiency and safety of the prehospital care in the country.” – Says Elias Obaid, European Sales Manager at Ortivus.

In relation to the offering to the Estonian market, Ortivus joined forces with the local partner Telia Eesti As. Telia will be signing contract with Eesti Haigekassa and Ortivus will act as a subcontractor. Ortivus will provide the customer with a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution including MobiMed ePR on iOS and integrations to national systems. Telia will provide hardware and first line support in Estonian. Second line support will be provided by Ortivus.

This award is an important milestone for Ortivus’ further inte
ational expansion and proof that Ortivus’ competitive solutions meet the requirements of a broad range of customers, from small organisations to large, national solutions.

“The medical sector is currently one of the fastest digitalizing areas and we are pleased that, together with Ortivus, we can contribute in making the Estonian ambulance work even more efficient by providing mode
ICT solutions,”
– Says Kristjan Kukk, Head of key- and large corporate customers department at Telia Eesti.

This award decision does not mean that a contract has been signed and that contractual obligations applies. The contract can be signed at any point after the award decision has been announced. The process of finalizing the contract has started.

About Telia Eesti AS
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