defibrillators increase the chances of survival


Ortivus qualifies for NHS Framework Agreement, opening new possibilities in the United Kingdom with MobiMed Life!

The duration of the framework is set at four years from the Commencement Date. It’s important to note that being part of the framework does not guarantee any specific order value at this point. However, it presents us with opportunities for future orders based on the agreement, as the framework streamlines the procurement process for the end customer.

Our full product range includes easy-to-use AEDs for public access as well as advanced hospital units. Ortivus offers defibrillators that prioritize patient safety, high construction quality, and ergonomics. Our MobiMed Life defibrillators cater to various contexts and needs, ranging from specialist care to private individuals.

This accomplishment demonstrates our commitment to providing Exte
al Defibrillation Devices, Related Services and Accessories to enhance healthcare in the UK. We look forward to the positive impact and potential growth that this partnership will bring.

“To be qualified for the NHS Framework Agreement is an important step in the right direction for Ortivus’ further expansion in the UK-market. We look forward to the possibility of delivering MobiMed Life to care units all over the United Kingdom.” – Says Elias Obaid, Ortivus’ Global Sales Manager.