Region Jönköping select Ortivus as supplier for its prehospital patient monitoring

The 10th of December, Region Jönköping announced that Ortivus will be awarded a contract for the delivery of equipment to the region’s ambulance operations. “This proves that our total solution with MobiMed, packaged together with an external defibrillator, meets upcoming market requirements.” Says Elias Obaid, Ortivus’ Customer and Sales Manager.

On May 11 2020, the Jönköping Region announced the procurement for prehospital patient monitoring that last Thursday, was awarded to Ortivus AB. The contract applies to the delivery of MobiMed monitoring, including hardware and software, to all of the region’s ambulance vehicles. The delivery also includes external defibrillators from Bexen cardio, for which Ortivus has exclusive distribution rights in the Nordic countries, the UK and Ireland. Ortivus’ MobiMed system is modular and tailormade to match the customer’s needs and workflow. The delivery value is estimated to 9 MSEK over 2 years. The contract duration is 2 years with a possible extension for 1 + 1 years.

Ortivus currently delivers MobiMed to 14 out of Sweden’s 21 regions and since Region Jönköping is a new customer, Ortivus is now expanding its customer base in Sweden.

Ortivus’ Customer and Sales Manager, Elias Obaid, is very pleased with the announcement: – “This award is an important milestone for the Company. We have not only gained the trust from a new customer, but also a confirmation that our new modular total solution with MobiMed packaged together with an external defibrillator, offer the flexibility and functionality that the market demands.”

The contract will be signed after a period of 10 days from the date of the award, in accordance with the procurement regulations.