OMNII, based on MobiMed ePR, is now live and supporting Singapores prehospital care

Ortivus has, since 2019, been working together with ST Engineering to adapt MobiMed to the emergency care system in Singapore. The solution has now been launched and paramedics in Singapore are able to share vital parameters in real time!

In Singapore a new digital platform has been launched that will allow paramedics to share a patient’s vital signs in real time route to hospital, improving the patient’s chances of survival.

The platform, called Operational Medical Networks Informatics Integrator (OMNII), has been developed by Ortivus and ST Engineering in collaboration and is based on Ortivus’ MobiMed ePR. It is now shared among stakeholders in pre-hospital emergency care services, such as Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

When an ambulance is dispatched, OMNII can be used to access patient history before reaching the incident scene. At the scene, paramedics can safely share vital parameters, patient information as well as photo and multimedia captures to the entire care chain. OMNII also work as a decision support that, together with direct communication with specialists, help paramedics to assess and treat the patient. Once a patient is triaged “critical”, the hospital’s emergency department will acknowledge a standby alert. They can then review updated information in real time to anticipate required medical resources and interventions and make necessary arrangements before the ambulance arrives. OMNII support communication and information sharing in prehospital care and thus improve both efficiency and patient outcome.

Read more about OMNII here!

In 2019, Ortivus and ST Engineering signed an agreement to deliver Ortivus’ MobiMed technology to the emergency care system in Singapore. The collaboration resulted in OMNII that is slightly different from MobiMed with a new user interface. The application is also used on an Android platform and handles four different languages ​​simultaneously.