MobiMed – “Made in Sweden”

MobiMed – “Made in Sweden”

MobiMed Go, our brand-new monitor case, is created in close collaboration with the Swedish company Sacci which are specialized in manufacturing of high-quality carrying solutions. The design is inspired by our customers’ needs and developed by Ortivus. Each case is hand-sewn in Borlänge, Sweden.


As we announced earlier this year, we are now able to produce the greater part of MobiMed electronics in our own premises in Stockholm. This gives us a new level of flexibility and the ability to make quick decisions when needed. However, the same ideology is important for us when working with a partner. We strive to always adapt to our customer’s needs with an agile mindset and close collaboration.

“The strategic collaboration with Sacci is inspiring and constructive. Both companies are light-footed, and the short distance between our premises makes it easy to meet up for discussions and deliveries. This in combination with fantastic input from our customers has resulted in MobiMed Go” – Says Per Karlsson, Business Developer at Ortivus.

MobiMed Go is a modular and light-weight case with the features necessary for an efficient work out on the field. With durability and good quality to endure extreme conditions, and with Swedish quality assurance, MobiMed Go is a high-quality product. The first cases have just been delivered to Region Jönköpings län and production is ongoing for additional customers.

About Sacci
For more than 100 years Sacci has developed and manufactured high-quality carrying solutions according to customer needs. They work within their own range but also develop customer-specific solutions. They have product development and production under one roof. They work in a broad spectrum and make everything from small bags to tool belts and hands-free solutions for all sectors. They combine experience with innovation and their imagination is the only limit when it comes to developing a product that meets a client’s needs. Sacci is based in Borlänge, Sweden and they primarily work in the fields of healthcare, industry, military and police.

Jonna Lindman, seamstress at Sacci has been an important asset in the creation of MobiMed Go. She will be responsible for quality assurance as we enter the sharp production phase.
Ortivus’ Sales Manager, Elias Obaid, with the first delivery of MobiMed Go