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MobiMed Integration Enhances Gloucester’s “Joining Up Your Information” (JUYI) Portal

In a significant step towards streamlining healthcare information exchange, MobiMed, the leading solution for pre-hospital care, has successfully integrated with Gloucestershire’s “Joining Up Your Information” (JUYI) Portal. This integration empowers health and social care professionals in Gloucestershire with comprehensive access to up-to-date patient data, fostering improved care coordination and informed decision-making.

JUYI serves as Gloucestershire’s shared care record system, consolidating health and social care information into a unified digital record. Until recently, the system encompassed data from various sources, including GP, Hospital, Community Health, Mental Health, and Social Care. However, pre-hospital information generated by engagements with South Weste
Ambulance Service was not readily accessible. With the implementation of a MobiMed HL7 FHIR interface, timely and vital patient encounter information can now be exported to JUYI.

This integration currently enables the transmission of pre-alerts prior to patient conveyance and a summary upon record signature. However, the system can be configured to accommodate different triggers and real-time data transfer, such as vital signs measurements. The inclusion of this development in MobiMed’s Q1 Release (version 4.68) provides a standardised and configurable integration approach, paving the way for future integrations with other patient health information systems.

The collaboration between MobiMed and JUYI exemplifies the commitment to seamless data sharing, enhancing patient care and outcomes. By enabling health professionals to access a comprehensive overview of a patient’s health jou
ey, including pre-hospital encounters, the integration strengthens the care chain and facilitates informed decision-making.

The MobiMed integration with Gloucester’s JUYI Portal marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of efficient and effective healthcare delivery. As this partnership unfolds, it holds the potential to revolutionize information exchange and set a precedent for similar integrations across the healthcare landscape.

“Having the ability to deliver clinical information into a shared care record in almost ‘real time’ means that patients in Gloucestershire are benefiting from healthcare providers having direct access to their joined-up relevant data. This is a ‘first of type’ process for SWASFT and one that we hope will pave the way for future shared record / data initiatives.” – Kerron Allen (CMgr MCMI), Clinical Information Systems Manager at South Weste
Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust.