Three new orders on Ortivus CoroNet strengthens the home market and confirms cooperation

Ortivus have won a procurement of patient monitoring equipment for the cardiology and emergency departments at Southern Älvsborgs Hospital in Borås, Sweden. Furthermore have orders in Italy and Norway been obtained that confirms Ortivus distributor and Value Added Reseller contracts in respective countries.

The procurement for Southern Älvsborgs Hospital in Borås includes patient monitors, centrals and wireless monitoring equipment at a value of approx. 7 million Swedish kronor. 

"The order for Southern Älvsborgs Hospital in Borås confirms Ortivus role as a leading supplier of monitoring equipment within cardiology and emergency healthcare", says Jan B Andersson, CEO of Ortivus. The 12th

Moreover have Ortivus taken its first CoroNet order in Norway, via its Norwegian distributor AkuMed. It is the Fredrikstad hospital in Östfold that have ordered a small CoroNet system.

"This is a first step into the Norwegian market, it is important for future business to have a reference installation to refer our Norwegian customers to. It also confirms our recently signed distributor agreement with AkuMed", Jan continues.

The third order is by The Fondazione Toscana Gabriele Monasterio in Pisa, Italy, which has placed an order on the monitoring solution CARDIOLINE CoroNet. A cooperation agreement between Ortivus and et medical regarding this new monitoring solution was signed in June of 2010, and this is the first result.

The order is for a rehabilitation centre, were Ortivus Bluetooth™ Technology solution (OBT) enables patients in cardio respiratory rehabilitation to take part in training programmes, while being wirelessly monitored. The integration between clinical areas, with full ECG monitoring combined with automatic management of training on a network of bikes and treadmills, makes the rehabilitation solution in Pisa unique, and hence a reference installation for future business.

"The order from Pisa confirms the cooperation between Ortivus and et medical. It also acknowledges that Ortivus competence in healthcare technology and system design, in combination with et medicals competence within sale, marketing and distribution, strengthens our business opportunities in Italy", finishes Jan B Andersson.

CoroNet has previously been installed at the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm and the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, among many other hospitals.

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Tomas Andersen, General Manager, Akumed, Tel +47 (2207) 5223
Attilio Castelli, President, et medical devices SpA, Tel.: +39 02 9505181

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Ortivus is a listed company on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Small Cap-list and was founded in 1985. It is based in Danderyd, Sweden. Ortivus has 30 employees in Sweden and Great Britain. More than 1,000 ambulances and 500 hospital beds are equipped with Ortivus solutions.

AkuMed, founded in 1986, is today one of the leading distributors in Norway of medical devices for diagnostics and treatment within several medical fields.

et medical is a development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales company of cardiovascular solutions, such as resting ECG's, exercise tests, cardiac rehabilitation, ambulatory monitors and related software, and telemedicine applications. The company has operations in Europe as well as abroad, with direct operations in Italy, Spain and India. The et medical solutions are branded and known as CARDIETTE® and CARDIOLINE®.