The Stockholm County Healthcare District (SLSO) approves Ortivus as a supplier of defibrillators

The Stockholm County Healthcare District (SLSO) has approved Ortivus as a supplier of MobiMed Life, semi-automatic defibrillators, and the company has thereby qualified to become a part of the region’s framework agreement. Ortivus' solutions meet all mandatory requirements in the procurement and the customer can call-of units from qualified companies as the need arises. During the framework period, which is four years, the customer can order units to a value of maximum 2.4 MSEK.

We are pleased to announce that Ortivus has qualified for SLSO's framework agreement covering the supply of semi-automatic defibrillators to Region Stockholm’s primary care units, such as the elderly care, home care and healthcare centers. SLSO is a new customer for Ortivus, which means that the company further expands its customer base in Sweden.

The agreement refers to MobiMed Life defibrillators, Reanibex 100 and Reanibex 300. The customer will call off units from the framework agreement as need arises and actual sales can therefore not be guaranteed. Ortivus is one of several competing suppliers that have qualified for the framework agreement.

"We look forward to the possibility of delivering MobiMed Life defibrillators to primary care units across Stockholm. MobiMed Life semi-automatic defibrillators are competitive and user-friendly with innovative functionality.” Says Stefan Ekblom, Nordic Sales Manager at Ortivus.

The contract can earliest be signed after a period of 10 days from the date of the award, in accordance with the procurement regulations.