Ortivus signs a Letter of Intent (LoI) with the intention of acquiring shares in the company H&E Solutions AB

Ortivus AB has signed a Letter of Intent with the technology company H&E Solutions AB. Ortivus intends to complete an acquisition of 10% of the company’s shares during January 2023.

H&E Solutions is a Swedish technology company that has developed Evam – an operating system for emergency response vehicles. During 2021, the company’s revenues were 7.5 MSEK with an EBIT of –9.5 MSEK. The company has 9 employees at their offices in Solna, Sweden. 
H&E Solutions is performing a rights issue to strengthen the company’s position for future development towards the ambulance sector et al. Ortivus intends to acquire the equivalent of approximately 10% of the total company shares by participating in this rights issue with 4,0 MSEK payed in cash. 
Ortivus has, during this year, deepened the cooperation with H&E Solutions regarding MobiMed enRoute, which is a new solution for navigation and case management. MobiMed enRoute is part of MobiMed Unity, and is fully integrated with Ortivus' entire product portfolio. 
"Ortivus has broadened its offer by supplementing existing solutions with a navigation module, MobiMed enRoute. This has been achieved together with H&E Solutions, which through Evam are at the forefront of technology and user-friendliness. That Ortivus is now strengthening the collaboration by becoming a shareholder in the company is a natural next step. We will work closely together around product development to be able to offer our pre-hospital care customers a complete solution" says Reidar Gårdebäck, Ortivus’ CEO. 
Through this acquisition, Ortivus strengthens its collaboration with H&E Solutions, and together, the companies will be able to deliver competitive solutions to both existing and new customers and markets. 
About H&E Solutions AB  
H&E Solutions ABs headquarters are situated in Solna, Sweden. The company offers an emergency vehicle operating system including a collection of apps. The system is optimised to meet the needs of first responders.