Ortivus signs a distribution agreement with Bexen Cardio Italia

To meet the increasing interest of Ortivus’ solutions in Italy, Ortivus decided to establish a collaboration with an additional distributor in the country. Ortivus have now signed a distribution agreement with Bexen Cardio Italia Srl to unveil new marketing and sales channels in Italy.

In line with the growing demand for new digital healthcare solutions, there has been an increasing interest in Ortivus’ solutions in Italy. Ortivus have now signed a distribution agreement with Bexen Cardio Italia to open new sales and marketing channels and further enhance Ortivus’ presence in the country.
“After the renewed contract with Piacenza, several other Italian regions have shown interest in MobiMed. Bexen Cardio Italia has an extensive network and in-depth knowledge in the Italian pre-hospital market and our collaboration will boost Ortivus’ sales and marketing activities in the area” – Says Elias Obaid, Chief Customer Officer at Ortivus
The distribution agreement covers Ortivus’ solutions MobiMed monitoring and MobiMed ePR and includes Italy, except the regions that are covered by the existing distribution agreement between Ortivus and Pro.Med s.r.l.
“The collaboration with Ortivus gives us an opportunity to offer our customers a total solution for the EMS market. We really thank Ortivus’s management for this opportunity to expand their presence in our market” Says Marco Grassi, Administrator Bexen Cardio Italy
Ortivus recently signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Bexen cardio Spain covering the Nordics, the UK and Ireland. This has given Ortivus the opportunity to offer Bexen cardio defibrillators to the mentioned markets.
About Bexen Cardio Italia Srl
With 40 years of history saving lives, the cooperative company Bexen cardio is the only Spanish manufacturer of defibrillators with a large presence in the international market. Bexen Cardio Italia is the Italian branch of Bexen cardio Spain.