Ortivus has successfully been qualified for the East of England Framework tender, opening new possibilities in the UK

We are pleased to announce that Ortivus’ tender application for MobiMed ePR has been approved by the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub and has thereby qualified to be a part of the East of England Framework tender. This is an important step forward for Ortivus on the UK market as all UK Trusts can call-off electronic Patient Record (ePR) solutions from qualified companies. The framework duration is 2 years from the Commencement Date. As the framework is used to streamline the procurement process for the end customer, being on the framework has no defined order value at this point but may lead to future orders based on the framework agreement.

The East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub is a not-for-profit NHS organisation which provides member trusts and publicly-funded bodies with strategic purchasing support. That Ortivus has been qualified for the East of England Framework tender means that the company’s solutions have been evaluated and approved and that Ambulance Trusts all over the United Kingdom can call-off Ortivus’ MobiMed ePR.

To be qualified for the East of England Framework is an important step in the right direction for Ortivus’ further expansion on the UK-market. We look forward to the possibility of delivering the next generation electronic patient records to prehospital care all over the United Kingdom.” – Says Elias Obaid, Ortivus’ Sales Manager.

Ortivus are one of several competing suppliers that have qualified for the framework. The Authority will provide for a standstill period before concluding the contract. In accordance with the Regulations the contract will not be concluded before midnight on 28 February 2023. Notable is also that even upon expiry of the standstill period, the Authority will not be bound to conclude the contract with any of the qualified tenderers. Therefore, the formal appointment remains subject to the Authority entering a legally binding contract with a supplier.

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