Ortivus and Bexencardio sign an exclusive distributor agreement

Ortivus AB and OsatuS. Coop / Bexencardio have decided on a collaboration through an exclusive distributor agreement for the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Nordic countries. The agreement gives Ortivus the opportunity to offer Bexencardio defibrillators, which together with MobiMed becomes a competitive total solution for prehospital care and primary care.

Through the distributor agreement, Ortivus will be given the opportunity to supplement quotations with Bexencardio’s defibrillators REANIBEX, that are compact, robust, and intuitive. The agreement is exclusive and applies to the United Kingdom, Ireland, and all Nordic countries. Bexencardio’s defibrillator will be offered as a complement to MobiMed, which means that Ortivus can deliver an inclusive solution with an unmatched modularity.
“We are very pleased to announce this agreement as we now can offer a broader spectre of functionalities to meet the different requirements of our customers. MobiMed and REANIBEX constitutes a very competitive total solution that will assist our users in saving vital seconds” says Reidar Gårdebäck, CEO, Ortivus.
The agreement also gives Ortivus the possibility to offer Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) from Bexencardio as a standalone unit. An offer that is of great value for customers asking for public safety.
“It is a really nice partnership where, the sum of different technologies from Ortivus and Bexencardio is working together to achieve competitive solutions for the prehospital and primary care sector” says Maria Cerezal, Sales Director, Bexencardio.
The collaboration also includes software integrations to allow treatment data from REANIBEX to seamlessly be transferred to MobiMed monitor and electronic patient record.
For more information, please contact:
Reidar Gårdebäck, CEO Ortivus AB, telephone +46 70 888 11 81
Maria Cerezal, Sales Director OSATU – Bexencardio, telephone +34 943 17 02 66
About Ortivus AB
Ortivus develops and commercialises MobiMed, medical technology solutions for a safer and more efficient healthcare. The company was founded in 1985 and is today a leading provider of mobile digital solutions for prehospital care, worldwide. Ortivus' products are based on in-depth expertise in cardiology as well as decades of development together with users and customers. The company's headquarters are located in Danderyd, Stockholm and the company has, since 1998, a wholly owned subsidiary based in the United Kingdom.

MobiMed is a modular platform that currently is used by over 12 000 paramedics in over 2 700 emergency vehicles. The platform consists of a monitor that in real-time measures, monitors and shares patients' vital parameters, such as, ECG, blood pressure and blood oxygenation. The system also consists of an electronic patient record for decision support, collection of patient data and clinical documentation. MobiMed has a total weight of 2.5kg and is created to function in a demanding environment and out in the field. The two-way communication supports telemedicine consulting with clinical experts while patient data is seamlessly integrated into the medical records at the hospitals and primary care centers. MobiMed saves time and helps healthcare professionals make the right decisions in critical situations. MobiMed also contributes to improved quality of care and saved resources.

Ortivus Class A and Class B shares are listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm Small Cap list.

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About Bexencardio
Established in 1980, Bexencardio is the only Spanish manufacturer of defibrillators, with a consolidated Distributor Network in more than 100 countries.
We design, develop and manufacture devices of the highest quality and with the most modern technology, making them available to medical and health professionals, helping them to take care of people’s health and to save lives. Bexencardio provides an extensive range of products, from basic AEDs to the most complete multimonitors/defibrillators.
Our eagerness for technological innovation, continuous improvement, customer service, and the tireless work of many years, has allowed us to position ourselves solidly in the competitive and demanding world market of defibrillators.
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