Announcement from the Annual General Meeting of Ortivus AB (publ) on 4th of May 2011

The shareholders of Ortivus AB (publ) held the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 4th of May 2011 in Stockholm. This is a summary of the most important decisions made by the AGM.

Annual report
The annual report and the auditor's report as well as the consolidated annual report and the auditor's group report were presented. The income statement and the balance sheet for both the parent company and the consolidated group were accepted by the Meeting.

Discharge from liability
The Meeting discharged the members of the Board and the managing director from liability.

The fees to the Board of Directors were set by the Meeting at a total of SEK 1,040,000, with SEK 400,000 to the chairman and SEK 160,000 to each of the other members of the Board who are not employed by the company. It was resolved that the fees to the auditors would be paid in accordance with invoice.

Board of Directors
The Meeting decided to re-elect Jon Risfelt, Anna Söderblom, Peter Edwall, Annemarie Gardshol and Crister Stjernfelt. Crister Stjernfelt was elected chairman of the Board.

Accountant and deputy accountant
The Meeting decided to re-elect the present accountant Helene Willberg and the deputy accountant Gabriel Ingemarson, both practicing at KPMG in Stockholm

Nomination Committee
The Meeting decided to establish a Nomination Committee for the next AGM in the same manner as previous year, thereby asking the three largest shareholders in the company to appoint one representative each, who together with the Chairman of the Board will comprise the Nomination Committee. The composition of the Nomination Committee shall be communicated six months at the latest before the Annual General Meeting in 2012. 

Guidelines for remuneration of the senior management
The Meeting approved the guidelines proposed by the Board regarding remuneration to the President and other leading officials in the senior management.

Adoption of new Articles of Association
The Meeting decided to adopt new Articles of Association among all including a minor alteration of the company's business description.

Presentation by the managing director
The managing director of Ortivus AB, Jan B Andersson, commented on the development during the fiscal year of 2010 and Q1 2011.

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Ortivus offers unique solutions by combining expertise in wireless, IT and medical technology with clinical knowledge. Ortivus' solutions secure that the patient get accurate medical treatment and expertise instantly throughout the care process. This results in better medical outcome as well as improved efficiency for the entire health care system.

Ortivus is a listed company on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Small Cap-list and was founded in 1985. It is based in Danderyd, Sweden. Ortivus has 30 employees in Sweden and Great Britain. More than 1,000 ambulances and 500 hospital beds are equipped with Ortivus solutions.